About manual.co

Welcome to Manuals.Co – thank you for your visit.

Manuals.co (or Manualsco as we used to be called) is a website run by car enthusiasts that became frustrated with the difficulty, stress and complications we encountered when looking for documentation relating to our vehicles.

Our mission is quite simple:

"To collect every document, for every vehicle and display it for our users 100% free"". Owners who have purchased and own manuals can submit them into a repository to share with other consumers. We do not copy or reproduce any manual.

To do this, we’re going to need your help! We made a good start and have over 9,000 manuals in our database so far. We’re working hard on getting them converted to a format that our viewer can handle and to display them for you.

What about Copyright infringement?

We started in early 2014, and have already amassed over 9,000 manuals. We have the consent from 90% of the manufacturers of the vehicles to display their paperwork on the site and we’re actively seeking permission from those that have not provided it. If you see something on the site that you think shouldn’t be there, please click on the DMCA Policy link and complete the contact form and tell us about the concern. We'll investigate it straight away.

That being said we can’t promise to upload every manual – for example if you provide a Haynes manual or a Chilton Repair Manual – these aren’t the sort of Manuals we can host for free. We will of course provide links so you can buy these if you desire.

The Future

Looking into the future, we have big plans for Manuals.co. We want to provide totally free radio unlock codes, Parts Catalogues and even Vehicle Management Software – our opinion is very much that motoring is expensive enough without the extras that you need to pay when you have a breakdown.

We’d love to hear from you if you’re a web developer, designer or have any interest or time in joining our project.

"Good luck and happy repairs, From the Manuals.co Team."

Meet The team

Steve S.

Steve is the Founder of Manuals.co. In 2014 after struggling to find a manual for his old Peugeot 306 he eventually found it on a forum after many hours of searching and swore to never suffer the same fate again and Manuals.co was created for users to share their own manuals!

Biswajit S.

Biswajit has many years of experience and is Council specializing in corporate law, intellectual property law, patents, trademarks, copyrights, infringement cases and licensing of intellectual property rights.

Suresh A.

Suresh is our project manager overseeing the coordination of various development ideas, implementation, and the developers we work with that make it all possible!

Amy C.

Amy is the lead designer here at Manuals.co. So all the neat graphics and the UI that you see around the site are completed by him!

If you have any design suggestions, edits or questions about the website styling, please contact to him.

Amar D.

Amar is part of our mobile team and assists with the development and maintenance of the mobile versions of Manuals.co to assist users with manuals when they are on the go or in remote areas. If you have any issues with your mobile version Amar is the lead go to on this!

Elana J.

Elana completes the trio of founders and is also our resident researcher. Elana is based in Leeds and has found over 50% of the manuals you can see on the site today. Contact to Elena if you have a new manual to add, or if we have placed a manual under the wrong category and vehicle.

Deepta S.

Deepta is also part of our research team to assist in the processing of owners who submit their manuals for the repository. You can also email her for your owned submissions. Many thanks to Deepta for all her hard work on the research team!

Praneet S.

Praneet is our Social Media manager and spends her day working on interesting topics for our Blogs as well as managing our social media networks! Her favorite car is Porsche!


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